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Mother Teresa


A destitute Elvis impersonator embarks on a road trip with a murder suspect masquerading as a nun in hopes of winning an Elvis impersonation contest.


Simon, a cop obsessed with Melody, says he will arrest her for the murder of her rich husband, so she hides as a nun in a convent where she meets Bubba and The Statue. Bubba is a shy Elvis impersonator and he and The Statue are street performers, wanting to get to Memphis for an Elvis contest. Simon comes to the convent, where the nuns are intimidated by mob guys who deal drugs and play punk rock there. Melody steals a van and takes off with Bubba and The Statue. Simon comes after them and they take off to Tennessee. The mob goes there to sing but when a mistake is made and Melody and Bubba accidentally take their money and drugs, the mob comes after them. Bubba and Melody fall for each other and outside of the Elvis competition Bubba defeats both Simon and the mob. Bubba gets close to his family and a new job and Melody has to work at the convent for 6 months, but Bubba is more than welcome to visit her.

Italian Version
Simon, un poliziotto ossessionato da Melody, la insegue perché convinto abbia assassinato il suo ricco marito. Melody si rifugia in un convento dove incontra Bubba e La Statua. Bubba, un sosia timido di Elvis Presley e La Statua cercano di guadagnare qualche soldo con spettacoli per strada, ma vogliono andare a Memphis per la più importante gara di sosia di Elvis e vincere il ricco bottino. Simon arriva al convento, dove le suore vivono nel terrore di una gang mafiosa che vende droga e suona punk rock nel seminterrato. Melody per sfuggire il detective, ruba un furgoncino con sopra Bubba e La Statua. Simon li insegue mentre loro sono sulla strada per il Tennessee. Anche i gangster sono sulla strada per il Tennessee, perché hanno un concerto a Nashville. Per caso Bubba e Melody prendono una valigetta piena di soldi destinata alla mafia, così anche i gangster ora danno loro la caccia. Bubba e Melody si innamorano l’uno dell’altra e a Memphis, durante la competizione fra Elvis, Bubba sconfigge sia Simon che gangster. Bubba si riavvicina alla sua famiglia e trova un nuovo lavoro, mentre Melody, grazie a un voto che ha fatto deve lavorare al convento per sei mesi.

Praises for Rock ‘n’Roll

“Truly funny! The groundwork is here for a unique road-trip comedy with characters we haven’t seen a million times before. The relationships feature conflict, comedy and romance but don’t feel formulaic.

This is a funny, distinctive and memorable script. There is nothing cliché about these characters. Their strangely juvenile antics and contentious relationships give the script a pleasingly quirky tone that isn’t too soft. The comedy often has a sharp edge but at the end of the day this is an amiable, life-affirming story
This is a very entertaining script. It’s genuinely funny and the basic plot events are solid, giving you the essential framework of a good three-act structure.
What you have that many, many writers do not is a great storytelling sense and the ability to bring funny characters to life.”
[05/03/14 15.28.32] Stefano Bozzo: Final Draft ScriptExpert Coverage Report

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