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The Still Life of Cornelius


When wealthy bachelor Cornelius realizes his inheritance will be forfeited unless he marries or unearths one of art history’s greatest mysteries, he starts down a chaotic path of self-discovery.


Cornelius is obsessed with art history and he’s committed to discover the genesis of Still Life. When his wealthy mother and servants die, according to a clause in the will, he has just one month either to finish his research or get married, otherwise he will lose his fortune. Cornelius has to fight Annie, a socialite ruthlessly devoted to becoming his spouse, and Ingrid, the new maid, who blackmails him into marrying and having access to his wealth. The latter is part of a Neo-Nazi conspiracy to kill him, but Cornelius and Sunshine, an undercover agent foil their plans and fall in love.

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The Still Life of Cornelius by Stefano.Bozzo